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Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Hoop also known as Lyra is a full body workout on a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling that is often associated with the circus! Aerial Hoop can be used in a number of ways including static, spinning, or swinging. Aerial Hoop encompasses a wide range of exercises from below, above and within the hoop, this makes it a great way to stay fit and build strength, flexibility and stamina.

At Essex Pole and Tone we offer Aerial Hoop classes for all ages, shapes and sizes. We believe that aerial sport should be inclusive to everyone! Therefore, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced aerialist we have the right class and training for you! 

During our classes you will be taught a variety of moves and tricks on the hoop as well as more choreographed routines and combinations.

Come and join our Aerial Hoop classes today to build confidence, gain a new skill and make long lasting friendships. 

See our Prices, Policies and Classes pages for more details!

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