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Class Timetable & Descriptions:

Pole Classes -

At Essex Pole & Tone we offer a variety of pole classes almost every day! The classes range from beginner, intermediate and advanced to ensure there is something for everyone whether you are brand new to pole or an experienced dancer. With two instructors in every class you can be certain that you will get the attention needed to progress and do your very best regardless of level.

Big Bold & Beautiful (BBB) - Plus Sized Pole Dancing

This class is designed with plus sized women in mind, here at Essex Pole & Tone we are all about body positivity and empowering women. This class is completely beginner friendly featuring a range of different dancing techniques including pole, heels and floor-work.  We have had multiple women from this class compete in the amazing Kick Ass Curves pole competition so you can be sure that this class will motivate you and take not only your dancing but your confidence to the next level.

Aerial Silks -

Come explore the beautiful sport of aerial silks here at Essex Pole & Tone. This class is all about learning to move through the air as elegantly as if you had wings. It will help you to build strength, confidence and stamina while looking beautifully artistic. Both adult and children's classes available.

Table detailing the various fitness classes on offer at Essex Pole and Tone.

Exotic Heels Classes -

At Essex Pole & Tone we offer two exotic heels classes; our first course on Wednesday's is a skripper style course while Sunday heels classes have a different theme every course, think Halloween & Christmas themes etc. Both courses finish with a dress up class where you can put on your best heels and outfit to dance full out to the choreography you have been learning all course. Spaces for these courses fill up extremely fast so get in quick to make sure you don't miss out.

Juniors Classes:
Tiktok Themed Aerial Hoop - Every Monday the juniors aerial hoop class is themed around a trending TikTok dance which is then choreographed alongside the art of aerial hoop. Aimed at ages 8 to 16, it is a great way to get kids active, dancing and socialising through an existing interest 

Mini's Aerial Hoop - Our Wednesday aerial hoop class is aimed at our youngest junior aerialists, starting at age 6. This class is all about building up little ones confidence and strength in a friendly fun environment. Lots of team work focus and cheering everyone on. Rest assured this will be the highlight of your little ones weeks!

Sunday's - Sunday's junior aerial hoop are a small group focusing on those wanting extra progression. Focusing on the essential skills and strength building to progress in aerial hoop.

Adults Aerial Hoop -

Both of our adult aerial hoop classes are mixed ability sessions and are open to complete beginners. Regressions as well as progressions are provided for all moves to ensure that you will be confident in your session. An amazing way to exercise while making beautiful shapes and most importantly having fun.

Flexibility & Conditioning -

This class is all about achieving gains in strength and reaching new flexibility goals. It is essential in helping you progress faster in all of our aerial disciplines.

Sneak Peak of Our Classes
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1-2-1 Tuition 

During these classes you’ll have the teacher all to yourself in the studio, personal training and progress plans will be made available for you to fully achieve your goals and potential here at Essex Pole and Tone. 

Private tuition can be attended with a friend or family member if you prefer. 

Private tuition is available for Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Lollipop, Aerial Silks, Exotic Heels and Dance. 


Open practice is an opportunity for you to freely practice on any apparatus without an instructor teaching.

Open practice times are available on request. These usually run mornings, afternoons and late evenings (9pm only) everyday including Saturdays.

Cost for members £7.50 per hour. Cost for non members £10 per hour.



Bare skin is needed to grip the pole so wear shorts and a supportive bra and top. No footwear or jewelry and please refrain from putting any creams on the skin that day. Pole leggings, gloves and grips can be purchase directly from the studio. 



Leggings or jogging bottoms, supportive bra and top/hoodie. Preferably thick clothing as friction burn is common. Socks or leg warmers to avoid burns or bruising of the ankles/feet. 



Loose fitting clothing is recommended with multiple layers if possible. Legs and arms should be covered to protect from discomfort. We sell our own line of Essex Pole & Tone children's clothing, including onesies which are highly recommend as the thick padding helps protect while also aiding safe spotting techniques.


Close fitting clothing that covers your legs, torso and arms is recommended as this will help to protect the skin and reduce friction burns.


Pole dancing specific style heels and/or boots (such as pleasers, hella heels) are required for heels classes, this is because the design of the shoe, the platform and the angled fronts are specifically made to make dancing easier with more support and comfort than your average high heel. As a bonus they will make your legs look longer!

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