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Children's Classes

Discover Fun and Fitness for Your Kids!

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids active, healthy, and happy? Look no further than our Aerial fitness classes! Our dynamic and engaging classes are specifically designed to make fitness fun for kids of all ages, starting at age 6.

Aerial Sport is a discipline unlike any others! It combines elements of dancing, gymnastics and more with aerial to create something completely unique. Your child will have associations of the circus performers and get to feel like they are flying through the sky just like the circus performers they see in movies!

Why Choose Our Classes?

  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching aerial arts to the next generation of aerialists! With multiple instructors during our children's sessions they will feel supported at all times. The instructors will create a supportive and encouraging environment where kids can thrive and truly believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind to!

  • A Variety of Activities: From dance routines to yoga stretches and themed dress up days our classes offer a wide variety of activities to keep kids excited and engaged.

  • Age-Appropriate Workouts: We tailor our classes to suit the needs and abilities of different age groups, ensuring that every child can participate safely and confidently.

  • Building Confidence: Our classes focus not only on physical fitness but also on building confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork skills. Kids will leave each class feeling empowered and proud of their accomplishments. From move progress worksheets to certificates of achievement and well done stickers they will be reminded in our classes that they are achieving great things!

  • A Fun Atmosphere: We believe that fitness should be enjoyable! Our classes are filled with laughter, music, and positive energy, making exercise something that kids look forward to. We add that social element to our classes by encouraging kids to see themselves as a team and build friendships among the class. 


Join Us Today!


Give your kids the gift of fitness and fun! Enroll them in our aerial classes and watch them grow stronger, healthier, and happier with each session. Contact us now to learn more and reserve your child's spot! Below you will see detailed descriptions of all the classes we have to offer!

Our Range of Children's Classes

At Essex Pole & Tone we offer a range of children's classes, the perfect opportunity to get your kids active in a fun sociable way! Start a new hobby that you can share as a family! Whether your child wants to have a fun outlet, make friends, keep fit or progress as a competition aerialist we have you covered!

Tiktok Themed Aerial Hoop - Every Monday the juniors aerial hoop class is themed around a trending TikTok dance which is then choreographed alongside the art of aerial hoop. Aimed at ages 8 to 16, it is a great way to get kids active, dancing and socialising through an existing interest 

Mini's Aerial Hoop - Our Wednesday aerial hoop class is aimed at our youngest junior aerialists, starting at age 6. This class is all about building up little ones confidence and strength in a friendly fun environment. Lots of team work focus and cheering everyone on. Rest assured this will be the highlight of your little ones weeks!

Sunday Funday - Sunday's junior aerial hoop is a small group class focusing on those wanting extra progression. Focusing on the essential skills and strength building to progress in aerial hoop. Learning different routines and combinations.

Aerial Silks -

This class will have your child living their best circus dreams! It is all about learning to move through the air as elegantly as if you had wings. It helps to build strength, confidence and stamina while looking beautifully artistic. 

One to One Sessions -

These are also available for children if you would like your child to have dedicated time with an instructor one on one on their chosen apparatus

Competitions - 

We have a number of junior students who have gone on to compete in Aerial Competitions across the country. If this is something you would like for your child they can begin training in aerial sports with the goal of competing in mind! Please see our competition page to see our previous students success in competitions

We often feature themed days where the kids can dress up and have a fun team building lesson! Think Christmas and Halloween parties with goody bags and prizes for best dressed. Below is a video from our last Halloween session to give you an idea of what to expect!

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Photo 19-03-2024, 15 43 01.jpg
Children filling out their aerial hoop progress charts to track moves achieved.

We provide our beginner aerialists with goal trackers to keep track of their progress and how many moves they are achieving every week! At the completion of each tracker they are gifted a certificate of achievement for them to keep forever as a memory of their achievements!

Team of junior aerialists posing before a performance in various stretches and poses.

At the end of every routine we learn the the kids have the option to dress up based on the dance theme and have fun performing their new routine! 

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