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Essex Pole & Tone are committed to providing a safe and confidence boosting place to train in the variety of aerial sports and dancing styles. In order to keep our studio a  welcoming and safe space to everyone we do have certain policies in place which will be outlined below. We require that all new entries to the studio familiarize themselves with these policies prior to attending. 


A lateness policy is in place in regards to group classes, i.e., if warm-up is missed (partially or fully) a full 20-minute warm up must be completed before the student can begin normal class activities and this must be approved by the instructor. This is to ensure that the student is fully warmed up to avoid injury. ​

Please note that all aerial apparatus can feel a bit uncomfortable at first while your body adjusts to the new sensations. Aerial sports are unlike any other and do take some getting used to.

All choreography is intellectual property of the studio and cannot be used without permission of the studio and relevant instructors. It must not be used without authorisation in competitions, on social media etc.  This applies to videos and photos taken at the studio also.

We have a 48 hours minimum cancellation notice on all classes otherwise the cost of the class will still be required/will be lost from your course. Classes can be swapped with 48 hour notice as long as spaces are available in the requested alternative class. Furthermore, ALL payments are due for the next course on the 4th lesson of a course to reserve your place in the course, as a two week cancellation policy. A grace period of ONLY 48 hours is given for payment of next course. This is a strict two week cancellation policy. Quitting or cancelling on the day of next course payment/start date will result in full course (4 weeks) payment being due, legal action will be taken if not paid. 

We operate a sickness/leave policy within the studio, course payments will continue to roll on during sickness or leave due to certain issues, such as pregnancy, injury and illness. However, there is a class catch up policy in place in order for students to not lose out during this time.


1 to 1 bookings are considered final. It is possible for 1 to 1 bookings to be held for up to (no more than) four weeks in lieu at the instructors complete discretion, this only applies for extreme circumstances that have been agreed with the studio owner/instructor, for example a family bereavement. However no 1 to 1 booking can be held beyond that four week period. This applies to our regular dancers/students who have over three years of attendance at our studio. 


All payment is considered final, refunds will not be given once paid. However, if cancellation is made it is may be possible, depending on the circumstances, to receive the value back in the form of an Essex Pole & Tone gift voucher to spend within the studio on courses or products. This is at the discretion of Essex Pole & Tone management. These vouchers can also be gifted to a friend or family member.

Cleaning supplies are provided for the classes and students are required to clean down their equipment after use, for example poles must be cleaned after class to clean off any grips used, sweat etc.

Students must be aware that  physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury. Bruising, friction burns and other related injuries can occur as a result of these activities and bruising is common in aerial sports such as pole and aerial hoop. As with any sport there is the possibility that bruising and exercise related injuries may occur.

A more detailed disclaimer is required to be signed in person before starting classes.

If you have any questions or would like to express any concerns, the Essex Pole and Tone team are here to help! Please do not hesitate to email us at or call us on 07840424427.

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